Have a mirror at hand for observation
  • Observe the mouth movements of native speakers and try to imitate them. This can be done while watching TV, watch the mouth, repeat what they are saying. Imitate the intonation and rhythm of their speech.
  • Slow down your speech, if you speak too quickly and with the incorrect emphasis on the words, native speakers will have a hard time understanding you. Most people will be patient and it will be easier for them to understand you.
  • Become familiar with phonetic symbols, when you look up a word you will be able to say the correct pronunciation.
  • Record your voice, record the words, and listen to your pronunciation. Read materials out loud with a native speaker or Accent Reduction Coach.
  • Pronounce the ending of words, consonants are your friend! Read aloud in English for at least 15 minutes every day; find a native speaker to listen or hire an Accent Reduction Coach.
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